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Raclette at Michael’s Santa Monica

January 23, 2013
Do you raclette?

Have you done raclette?

Have you ever experienced raclette? A favorite old Swiss dish, it is traditionally made by holding a big block of cheese, also named raclette (and similar to the nutty-tasting Swiss cheeses everyone loves), close to a fire, then scraping the melted cheese onto a plate and enjoying it with pickled vegetables, maybe a bit of ham or sausage, some boiled potatoes, mustard, and crusty bread. The verb “to scrape,” by the way, is racler in French, and so the name sort of translates as “little scraping.”

At Michael’s Santa Monica, executive chef John-Carlos Kuramoto has come up with his own imaginative take on tradition with an irresistible, sharable dish. In a gratin dish, the cheese is melted with Serrano ham and pickled onions, garnished with fresh arugula leaves, and served with fire-grilled bread. You’ll love the combination of flavors and textures in this perfectly sharable dish—which tastes so good that you may not want to share it!

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