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French Toast!

January 6, 2012

Fluffy brioche with a delicious butter-browned egg-batter crust.

When Marie Antoinette was informed that the French peasants were up in arms because they had no bread, she didn’t really say, “Let them eat cake!” In fact, she said, “Let them eat brioche!” Rich with butter and eggs, that bread does come as close as a yeast-leavened loaf can to being cake, and our house-baked version of it at Michael’s New York becomes the perfect starting point for our delicious French Toast. We dip slices of freshly baked brioche in an egg-and-milk mixture and then sauté them in butter for that delightful crust you know and love. Dig in for a gorgeous, sweet breakfast breakfast that would surely even have satisfied that finicky Queen of France.

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