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Michael’s New York Autumn Menu Tasting, Course 5

October 12, 2011

The school of fish specials continued with three more gorgeous main dishes that will be hard to resist ordering throughout the autumn. And not only are they perfect, but they are also delivered to the table with exceptional, impeccable service. The care with which our waiters treat you transforms the entire dining experience. It’s so nice to feel taken care of. A million thanks to the Michael’s New York waitstaff!

Grilled Mediterranean Branzino, Forbidden Black Rice, Haricots Verts, Pesto, Cabernet Sauce.

Branzino, a.k.a. Mediterranean sea bass, is light but packed with flavor. The forbidden rice delivers earthy, creamy flavor.  And the sauces—oh, the sauces! The version of pesto offers layers of deep, rich flavor, while the Cabernet sauce adds a touch of elegance. Altogether, an unforgettable combination.

Olive Oil-Poached Atlantic Halibut, Autumn Radish, Sunchoke, Honshimeji, Parsley Sauce.

See those tiny mushrooms near the center of this picture? Those are honshimejis, and they are an absolute, delicate delight. While they’re an integral part of this dish’s light, bright flavor, the halibut fillet is definitely the star. Gently cooked in fragrant olive oil, it melts in your mouth, and the parsley sauce adds a vibrant note to every bite.

Organic Scottish Salmon, Red Cabbage, Salsify, Romanesco, Mustard Sauce.

Who doesn’t love a perfectly cooked, absolutely beautiful fillet of salmon? Surrounding the fish with a garden of autumn vegetables, this main dish is at once surprising and comfortingly familiar. The subtle-yet-spicy mustard sauce perfectly highlights the rich-tasting seafood, and the presentation feels downright playful. Mikey liked it, too!

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