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May’s Santa Monica Market Meet-Up Was Lovely!

June 7, 2011

Michael McCarty headed out to the Santa Monica Farmers’ Market with head chef John-Carlos Kuramoto as well as the delightful crew of fabulous foodies who came for the event. After meeting up at Michael’s Santa Monica and enjoying some hot coffee and fresh-baked cinnamon rolls, everybody headed across Wilshire to the market. They perused, tasted, and learned from our experts. And then it was back to the restaurant for an incredible tasting of dishes made with all the fresh ingredients. Another great “meet-up”! Thanks to everyone involved for making it happen.

John-Carlos shares some expert tips.

Nopal cactus pads!

Big Mike expertly eyes the scene.

The gang's all here!

Join us for June’s Market Meet-Up, next week on June 15th! The featured ingredient will be summertime’s fresh white corn, and you can rest assured that we’ll show you how to pick the best and make the most of it—and then taste the results. Call Michael’s Santa Monica to reserve your place now: 310-451-0843.

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