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Halibut, Farro, and Fennel

March 31, 2011

A unique and palate-pleasing flavor combination.

Our eastern halibut is everything that popular fish should be: light and mild, with that divine, one-0f-a-kind texture and flavor that you only get from the freshest product. We combine it with braised fennel that melts in your mouth, farro (also known as spelt, an ancient and amazingly flavorful form of wheat), and sopressata (a rustic, luscious kind of Italian salami, in case you’re not intimate with Italian salumi terminology). It all adds up to a unique presentation that gains even more intrigue through a final sprinkling of fennel pollen. (If you’ve never tried this heavenly spice, consider this poetic description of it from Peggy Knickerbocker in Saveur magazine: “If angels sprinkled a spice from their wings, this would be it.”) This is definitely not the halibut you’re used to ordering—which is why you simply must try it!

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