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First Sign of Spring: Shad Roe!

February 24, 2011

Shad roe is here, so spring can't be far behind!

Shad roe is one of Michael McCarty’s absolute favorite seasonal treats and he’s been serving at both Michael’s Santa Monica and Michael’s New York as the first sign of springtime since he opened each restaurant. We think the roe tastes absolutely perfect coated in a creamy whole-grain mustard sauce and served with a mountain of deliciously crispy freshly fried potato straws and a crunchy, peppery watercress salad. We delicately sauté the shad roe (the egg sac of the American shad, a fish related to the herring, in case you were wondering) with sweet and flavorful Vidalia onions and meaty, rich bacon lardons, and then cover the whole glorious combination in our delightfully tangy whole-grain mustard sauce. Michael says that the absolute best way to enjoy this dish is accompanied by a martini made with Bombay Blue Sapphire gin and five olives. Come on in to Michael’s New York or Michael’s Santa Monica and try the combination for yourself. Remember: Shad roe season lasts just through the early weeks of spring, so enjoy it soon!


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