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Art and Michael’s Are Inseparable

February 23, 2011

Wendy and Billy Al!

You know how much art is part of the Michael’s experience in both our Santa Monica and New York locations, right?   At Michael’s Santa Monica that devotion goes even further, as we showcase changing exhibitions by top local artists in our upstairs gallery, under the direction of Kim McCarty. The great Billy Al Bengston is the solo source of our current show, “Billy Al by Wendy Al,” a gorgeous collection of works from the past 30 years, curated by his wife, Wendy.  The show consists of Billy’s colorful watercolors, 49 to be exact from the past three decades, hung in every room of our upstairs space. Wander upstairs after you enjoy lunch or dinner, and take a good look at his inspiring work, turn your meal at Michael’s into an artful experience. You’ll definitely be glad you did!  Thank you so much to Wendy and Billy. And to our wonderful Kim for organizing the whole thing!

From Culture Monster in the Los Angeles Times:

In the earthy atmosphere upstairs from the restaurant, Bengston’s work was free to breathe. The painter Kim McCarty, wife of Michael’s chef and owner Michael McCarty, manages the salon and regularly stages exhibits there. Past shows have included drawings by Ed Ruscha and Joe Goode and artwork by Devo frontman Mark Mothersbaugh. The McCartys have been friends with Bengston since 1979 so Al decided to showcase work from that year to the present and named the show “Billy Al by Wendy Al.”

One of the many peices on display in our gallery, featuring Billy;s signature heart motif.


Billy and Wendy at the opening.

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