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Trio Of Apple Desserts

February 22, 2011

Which to try first?

Good things come in threes, especially as far as dessert are concerned. Natalie Reyes, our new pastry chef at Michael’s New York, was inspired to prepare this trio of apple desserts by the beautiful, sweet-tart apples at the farmers’ market.  She makes an apple-infused spice cake fragrant with freshly ground ginger, cinnamon, and nutmeg—all the delightful spices that make the whole kitchen smell like winter. Next, an apple-and-cinnamon crème brûlée that we’re certain you will fall in love with, featuring a perfectly textured custard and a wonderfully surprising fresh flavor. And then she celebrates the apples in their most natural form, by simply roasting them with cinnamon and sugar. These desserts are fabulous eaten separately, but a bit of the spice cake with a dollop of the creamy custard and chunk of the roasted apple in one bite is absolute apple heaven!  If you love apples and cinnamon and sugar, this is the dessert for you!


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