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Cheese Tasting in NYC—Thanks, Murray’s!

January 27, 2011


We love cheese so much! This winter at Michael’s New York, we are so pleased to be offering you another fabulous selection of cheeses from our favorite purveyor in all of New York City: the beloved, famed Murray’s Cheese.  We currently have a selection of six fine cheeses on our menu that will absolutely blow you away with their incredible, unique flavors—as we learned first-hand last week after Elizabeth Chubbuck of Murray’s came in to lead our staff through a tasting. Thank you so much to Murray’s, and especially Elizabeth, for coming and teaching us all about these beautiful products. When you ask your server at Michael’s what these cheeses are like, you’ll get a very well-informed answer!

Jasper Hill Bayley Hazen Blue, Vermont

From the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont comes this bounty in blue, made of raw milk from their herd of 50 Ayrshire cows, Bayley’s paste is drier than most blues due to the beautiful buff colored natural rind, but the texture is fudgy and dense. Dry  and complex, the unique balanced flavors range from buttered toast to licorice, chocolate and hazelnuts.

Penterman Farm Marieke Aged Gouda, Wisconsin

This cheese is all American. The Penterman family, who has been making award winning Goudas in Wisconsin since 2006, studied cheesemaking in Holland. This Marieke Gouda is aged for nine months and is just as sweet, nutty, and firm as its Dutch counterpart .Firm, sweet, nutty and well aged just like the original boerenkaas, but made in the USA from their Holstein cows.

Crottin Chavignol, France

Classic French chevre. Soft and mild when young, sharper and more exciting with age. The little French nugget of goat cheese from Berry with a mountain of flavor. Though ‘crottin’ translates to ‘Horse-dropping’, it’s just for similar appearance – especially the well-aged version. When young the taste is rustic and tangy,. As it ages, even this pasteurized version becomes piquant, meaty, and intense with a stronger barnyard aroma.

Pecorino Ginepro, Italy

An unusual and arresting cheese, made of raw sheep milk, Pecorino Ginepro is soaked in an aromatic bath of balsamic vinegar and juniper before it is aged for a minimum of four months. The dark brown rind is created by the vinegar, though the lingering finish is kissed with gin-juniper rather than acerbic acid. Wrapped in paper, which contains moisture, the cheese is always moldy, and benefits from a few hours’ breathing. . The flakey paste and perfectly edible rind balance hints of gin and acidity with the natural richness of of sheep’s milk .

Meadow Creek Grayson, Virginia

Made from the milk of pastured Jersey cows , Meadow Creek Dairy’s washed rind offering is a mildly pungent four-pound square enveloping a supple, rich and beefy paste with sweet, nutty tones. expect seasonally varied meaty flavor and a texture to die for. Virginia’s Feete family uses ecologically-sound farming practices in caring for their 80 Jersey cows: no Award winning cheese reflects this diligence.

Ticklemore, England

Debbie Mumford and Mark Sharman continue to perfect Robin Congdon’s original recipe at Sharpham Estate, overlooking the Dart estuary in Devon, England. This gentle, pasteurized goat round retains the light texture of fresher cheese with an even more mellow, subtle flavor profile. Soft, but  wondrously complex, the two-textured paste is crumby and floral at the center, with an oozing, herbaceous bit just under the rind.

Adelegger, Germany

Made from raw cow’s milk in the Bavarian region of Germany, Adelegger has a hearty, fruity sharpness. Comparable to a Gruyere , It is slightly crunchy with subtle herbal notes. Aged  for 17 months, it is firm yet still creamy and rich.

Come on in for your own delightful cheese tasting!

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