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New Art Show at Michael’s Santa Monica Upstairs Gallery

September 2, 2010

Kim McCarty is at it again. She’s organized and curated a fabulous show, now on display, for the upstairs gallery space at Michael’s Santa Monica. Come on in for a lovely dinner in our exquisite garden and then stroll upstairs to take in a little art. Entitled “Light is Heavy,” the show features an dynamic coming together of six outstanding artists. As Analia Saban, one of the those artists and also a dear friend of Michael’s and Kim’s, explains:

“Light is Heavy” deals with the presence of absence. Six Los Angeles-based artists, Olivia Fougeirol, Rashell George, Tracy Powell, Analia Saban, Kim Schoenstadt, and Franziska Wagner, use different media—painting, drawing, photography, and collage—to explore the empty space, an absence produced by what has happened, what has been there. The result is a visually diverse exhibition that ranges from representational photographs to abstract collages.

Enjoy these photos of selections taken on opening night. And do come in to see this beautiful art in person.

Time Sequence (2007), Franziska Wagner, silver gelatin prints, ink.

Inventory (2009), Analia Saban, acrylic on polyethylene on linen canvas on panel.

Eavesdropping (2005), Rashell George, acrylic, oil on printed paper.

Odd Lots Series: LAX/Saini 1 (2009), Kim Schoenstadt, ink and acrylic on paper.

Wish You Were Here (2008), Rashell George, acrylic, oil on printed paper.

Untitled (2008), Tracy Powell, ink jet on fine art paper.

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