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Lone Mountain Ranch Wagyu Beef Special at Michael’s New York

August 2, 2010

Wow! Doesn't this look delicious?

How incredibly succulent and flavorful does this plate look? Michael’s New York head chef Kyung Up Lim continues to blow us away with his creativity. What a treat to be presented with this Wagyu beef special for dinner. The ultra-tender, incredibly flavorful, top-quality meat comes from New Mexico and is essentially American Kobe-style beef, a product we are so proud to be able to offer to our guests. We barely sear it over high heat, developing a flavorful crust and a rare, juicy interior. Creamy, herb-flecked mashed potatoes provide a delicious counterpoint to the intense flavor of the beef. Ribbons of zucchini, bites of summer squash, and asparagus tips crown the meat and balance the presentation. Chanterelle mushrooms and a Bordelaise sauce complete this incredible dish. This fabulous Wagyu beef comes from Bob Estrin”s Lone Mountain Ranch. In Santa Monica, Chef Mikey Stern made great Steak Tartare using the Wagyu Filet, unbelievable!!, Thanks Bob!

Another view showcases the array of summer vegetables that complement the beef.

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