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New Huffington Post “Meal Periods” Blog: Family Party at Mozza

July 29, 2010

Fabulous people, fabulous party!

Listen to Michael recount a fabulous tale of dining at Mozza in his latest Meal Periods blog for the Huffington Post. We are big fans of this restaurant because so many Michael’s alums are involved, from Nancy Silverton, the incomparable chef and co-owner, to their general manager, David Rosoff.

Oh the food! From the way Michael talks about it, you can just about feel (and taste) how much he enjoyed this meal:

Okay, besides that lardo I couldn’t stop eating (talk about “chewing the fat”!), there was so much other great food. Antipasti also included stracciatella and grilled octopus (shown here). The primi choices were goat cheese ravioli with “five lilies” (meaning different members of the onion family). Secondi were grilled quail wrapped in pancetta with sage and honey; grilled leg of lamb with a salad of fregola sarda (a Sardinian toasted pasta resembling large couscous), mint, and yogurt; and grilled whole orata (sea bream to you non-Italians) wrapped in radicchio with olio nuovo (freshly pressed extra-virgin olive oil).

Thanks to everyone who helped make this night so delicious!

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