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Chef Mikey Stern On the Pleasures of Summer

July 12, 2010

What makes summer so deliciously, well, summery? For us, no surprise, it’s all about the food. Head chef  Mikey Stern at Michael’s Santa Monica shares with us what he loves so much about cooking and eating this time of year:

Summertime to me is time for grilling, and you’ll see this reflected in the great proteins were throwing on the grill this season, everything from line-caught wild striped bass to our perfectly aged New York steaks. Heirloom tomatoes and sweet white corn are some of my favorite ingredients to work with this time of year. Basil and tarragon, for sure, and whatever other fresh herbs my farmers are growing. All of my summer menus get their start from the farmers’ market here in Santa Monica. Every week, new and exciting things are coming that inform our menu and inspire us in the kitchen! Oh, and I can’t forget the fruit. I’m always trying to see how I can include things like white peaches, yellow nectarines, and pluots on the menu. I think keeping it light and fresh is the way to go on a nice, warm summer night, so I keep that in mind when creating dinner for our guests each and every evening.

Mikey, crossing Wilshire Boulevard as he carts produce from the Santa Monica Farmers' Market back to the restaurant.

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