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Soft-Shell Crayfish BLT

May 24, 2010

Just another lunchtime in the city—Michael's style.

This sandwich is the kind of food Michael McCarty himself would eat every day if he could. A fabulous sandwich served on his all-time favorite Bays English muffins; it’s a perfect example of how he does lunch at home—and how he loves to share his favorite foods with his guests at Michael’s. Of course, since it’s a Michael’s sandwich, you know the kitchen has pulled out all the stops. We take fresh Louisiana soft-shell crayfish and gently deep-fry them so they’re perfectly crisp yet light on the outside and tender, succulent, and sweet within. Lettuce, mayo, tomato, and fresh chives make this a sandwich like no other. Delicate, crispy, steaming-hot petites pommes frites and a fabulously inventive Vietnamese cucumber salad complete the perfect lunchtime plate. And, of course, our thoughts are with the fishermen from the gulf who have for so many years provided these delicacies to our restaurants.

You won't believe the flavor packed into those cucumber noodles.

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