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New Cheese Selection at Michael’s New York

May 20, 2010

The most beautiful arrangement of cheeses, shot from above by pastry chef Amanda Moreno.

We’ve just updated our cheese selection in New York. Working closely with the amazing people at Murray’s Cheese, the incredible cheese institution on Bleecker Street in this fabulous city, we have picked the perfect balance of flavors and textures, from the U.S. and Europe. We have hand-selected each cheese to entice your palate and complement each other. Enjoy!

Leonora, Spain:

This velvety log is created from the milk of a single herd of goats and made right on the farm in León, Spain. This makes it a “farmstead’ cheese. The pasteurized milk keeps a fresh, flaky though still creamy texture, while the ashed exterior forms a natural mold rind.

Tomme Crayeuse, France:

Crayeuse, meaning “chalky,” is an integral characteristic of this raw cow’s milk cheese from Savoie. The cheese is set to age for four to five months in a warm, moist cave, which speeds ripening, developing a thick, buttery paste. The flavor is complex: mushroomy and earthy, with a stunning yellow-molded rind.

Ossau-Iraty, France:

A pressed, uncooked raw sheep’s milk cheese coming from the Pyrenees. A small-scale artisan production, the cheese has a thick, blond rind that becomes dappled with rust and gray molds. The white or ivory paste is slightly grainy and firm.

Mrs. Quicke’s Farmhouse Cheddar, England:

Mrs. Mary Quicke oversees cheese making on her farm in Devon, England. Under her supervision, this earthy medium-sharp Cheddar in made from the raw milk of Friesian-Ayrshire cows.

Forsterkase, Switzerland:

“Forsterkase” means “lumberjack cheese,” referring to the thick, chocolaty pine band traditionally used to bind runny cheese in a time before plastic molds.  Made from “thermalized” cow’s milk (heated to destroy bacteria, but not to the extent of pasteurization), and washed in brine, it has a fierce aroma, but the semi-soft paste is layered, complex, and gentle.  The binding imparts woodsiness that is salty and full.

Tarentaise Spring Brook Farm, USA:

John Putnam of Thistle Hill Farm originally made this French Abondance-style artisan cheese. After reaching the peak of production, some friends had a novel idea to start a farm to host city kids, give them a glimpse of country living, and a lesson in nutrition.  In order to provide an example of food preservation and production, he volunteered his award-winning cheese recipe to be made from the raw cow’s milk of their own small herd of Jerseys.

Mitiblue, Spain:

This pasteurized sheep’s milk cheese is Spain’s answer to Roquefort. It has a sticky pale rind, and an ivory paste riddled with blue-green mold. The flavor is round, deep, and perfectly balanced, with a sweet, fudgy, and delicately peppery finish.

How our latest cheese plate looks when you order it.

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  1. Jane Ridolfi permalink
    May 20, 2010 11:59 am

    Great selection – great balance……..great photo……….thanks for sharing!

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