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Burger Heaven

April 16, 2010

Our burger is huge—but it shares space with a deluge of melted cheese, a mountain of fries, and our huge, crunchy pickle.

Sometimes a great burger is the only thing that will do. When you cover it with aged sharp cheddar from Murray’s, or their gruyere and St. Agur bleu, perfectly melted by the grill’s open-flame, you take it to the next level. Placed on a soft, house-made Pain d’Avignon bun with a delicate sprinkle of sesame seeds, and served with all the fixin’s, our burger ground from prime ribeye steaks  always hits the spot.

We serve it with a massive, crunchy  Pickle King pickle. And, of course, it has to be accompanied by a veritable mountain of French fries that are perfectly crisp on the outside, soft and tender within. A generous handful young arugula leaves offers a peppery, fresh contrast to the rest of the plate. Add a tall glass of our ever changeing iced cold funky beer on tap and Hello?????

We love this burger so much. We just know you’ll love it, too.

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  1. April 16, 2010 4:01 pm

    I love the simplicity, but where is the bun? A proper bun can make or break a hamburger and, in fact, I think most buns are way too large and soft, not standing up to the job and filling the mouth with too much bread. Orowheat has recently launched these new thin buns….primarily for weight reduction, as they are 100 calories each. But I find they are perfect for burgers, being sturdy enough to hold the hot, juicy sandwich together while providing a decent whole wheat flavor that does not overwhelm the beef.

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