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Rosemary: Earthy Herb We Love

April 13, 2010

Michael harvests rosemary growing alongside his patio in Malibu.

Rosemary is an extremely aromatic evergreen herb with a pleasantly resinous taste and scent that might remind you of pine trees. It has needle-like leaves that, virtually on contact, release the herb’s fabulous flavor.

Michael and his chefs love to use rosemary on meats and poultry, marinating those main ingredients with the herb, or just rubbing them with it before hitting the grill. Rosemary grows as robustly as weeds in Southern California’s sunny climate, so similar to the herb’s native Mediterranean, and rosemary plants thrive surrounding Michael’s Malibu home and The Malibu Vineyard. Not surprisingly, we use it a lot in the kitchen at Michael’s Santa Monica.

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