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Miso-Glazed King Salmon

March 2, 2010

Kyung uses a delicate hand to add the finishing touches to our miso-glazed king salmon.

We love a miso glaze. Who doesn’t? It adds a deep, sweet flavor and creates the most incredible texture. This miso-glazed salmon preparation from Kyung Up-Lim at Michael’s New York will rock you tastebuds. He starts with freshest, most beautiful king salmon fillet, straight from the Atlantic. After being simply seasoned and marinated in our special miso cocktail, it takes a quick trip under the broiler to creates the perfect sweet-savory coating.

To complete the plate, Kyung braises bok choy and shiitake mushrooms until tender and uses them as a base for the fish. A traditional buerre blanc, enlivened with the addition of fresh coconut milk and coconut meat, becomes an exquisitely delicate sauce. After a quick garnish of deep purple micro greens and pumpkin seed oil, our miso-glazed king salmon is ready to be devoured.

The final plate!

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