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Chicken, Barley, and Heirloom Carrots

March 2, 2010

An extreme close-up lets you see that delicious, perfectly crackly chicken skin.

Chicken is homey, satisfying comfort food at any time of year, and especially in winter. This take on poultry from the winter menu at Michael’s New York provides as satisfying an experience as the birds your mom used to serve you—but it’s a hell of a lot more flavorful. (Sorry, Mom!)

Barley, smothered in a fresh-tasting sauce that gets its vivid color from puréed greens and its richness from a dash of cream and a delicate pat of butter, adds the perfect balance of earthy heartiness and moisture. The chicken, marinated with a special blend of fresh herbs, is roasted with its skin on not only to keep the meat moist but also to form a flavorful, crackly shell over the breast. A rainbow of heirloom carrots—perfectly tender, glazed with butter, and sprinkled with minced parsley—completes the dish. It’s the sort of food you wish your mom would cook for you every night.

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