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The Santa Monica Farmers’ Market

February 23, 2010

Fresh vegetables and fruits!

And freshly harvested herbs!

The Santa Monica Farmers’ Market is essential to Michael’s Santa Monica. From the way we conceive our menus, to the incredible flavors that end up on your plate, the Farmers’ Market completely informs our food. Every Wednesday morning, head chef Mikey Stern goes with his team to peruse the fresh, locally grown produce. They scout out the best vegetables, fruits, and fresh herbs, and then bring them back to the kitchen to begin experimenting and creating.

Michael has been using the Farmers’ Market since he opened the restaurant three decades ago, so he has watched as more and more farmers have joined and the quality and range of product has exploded. The farmers’ market is the most wonderful community and we are so lucky to have it at our disposal.

Some of our favorite suppliers are Pudwill Farms, Harry’s Berries, Polito Farms, Garcia Organic Farm, Gloria’s Fruits and Vegetables, Weiser Family Farms, and the McGrath Family Farms.

Want to learn one of the secrets of cooking great food at home? Visit your own local farmers’ market, start shopping there, and the meals you create at home will improve dramatically.

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