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Snake River Kurobuta Pork Chop with Polenta Cake, Wild Mushrooms, and Fried Duck Egg

February 17, 2010

Check out the thickness of our specially cut Snake River Kurobuta pork chop.

Eggs are popping up all over the menus at the best restaurants in New York and Los Angeles—and not just at breakfast or brunch. They perch deliciously on top of meats and salads. They feature prominently in appetizers and sides. You name it, and you just might find the chef has added an egg to it.

That’s certainly happening at Michael’s New York. Kyung Up-Lim has ingeniously taken this trend to what we believe is its most delicious incarnation imaginable: an impeccably fried duck egg stacked on top of our Snake River Kurobuta pork chop, which is itself stacked on top of a polenta cake.

In this dish, the duck egg contributes incomparable richness to the sauce as its gooey yolk mingles with the wild mushrooms and the natural juice of the meat. Come in and sink your teeth into this incredible new dish. We know you’ll love it. (And, for another play on eggs-traordinary creativity, check out Kyung’s unusual take on a classic French croque madame.)

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