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Ever Wonder What Chefs Cook for Staff Meal (aka Family Meal)?

November 17, 2009
Preparing dinner for the the chefs.

Preparing dinner for the chefs.

What do you cook for yourself when you’re gearing up to turn out beautiful dishes for your customers all night long? One evening in the Michael’s New York kitchen, in the hour before dinner service will begin, executive chef Kyung Up Lim dices vegetables for a simple rice stir-fry to feed the team.

The kitchen crew loves making and eating a flavorful, satisfying, nourishing rice dish like this before a busy night. It gives them the energy they need to cook the best possible food for our guests.

In a large, hot pan, they sauté the vegetables, add cooked rice, and crack in a couple of eggs. Seasoned with just a little salt, black pepper, and soy sauce, this is the kind of family-style dish perfect for hard-working people who are always busy feeding other people. The process is quick, the method is infinitely adaptable to whatever ingredients are on hand, and the results always taste absolutely delicious.


Executive chef Kyung Up Lim and sous chef Eris Nuñez, well fed and ready for action, in the Michael's New York kitchen.

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