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Meet Our NY Sommelier: Seth Liebman

October 23, 2009
Seth, peeking out from the bar surrounded by some beautiful bottles of red.

Seth, peeking out from behind the bar at Michael's, surrounded by some beautiful bottles of red.

Seth Liebman, an incredible, hospitable guy who loves wines, joined the Michael’s family a year ago. We are so happy to have him on the floor with us every night, working to keep our customers happy.

He came to us after being part of the teams at some of the East and West Coasts’ best restaurants.  At Gramercy Tavern, working under Danny Meyer, Seth learned the importance of hospitality. Then he moved to San Francisco and took up residence at Rubicon, working with the amazing Larry Stone.  Seth grounded himself in a straightforward and down-to-earth style that Stone respected and encouraged. He then worked under sommelier Brian Kalliel at Melisse in Santa Monica, where he learned the power of generosity in the restaurant world.

Seth loves finding new wines and small producers. His passion for wine shines through in the beautiful choices he makes for our guests, whatever their tastes or budgets. He loves helping people find the right wine for the meal and making everyone happy.

This man is most definitely not a wine snob. He is warm, friendly, and beyond helpful.  Come on down for dinner, and Seth will help you choose the absolute best wine, or wines, to pair with your meal.


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