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Daily Tacos!

July 4, 2013
Taco time!!

Taco time!

We want our menus to be fun and fabulously delicious at Michael’s restaurants on both coasts. That’s one of the driving forces behind the reimagining of our menus over the past year, as we look for more and more ways to give our valued guests new ways to enjoy our fresh, seasonal, local American cuisine. One of the results of these efforts is the range of exciting small plates we’ve added to our menus, perfecting for enjoying as your very own or sharing with one or more other people at your table. Case in point: The weekly fresh takes on the humble taco that Michael’s Santa Monica’s executive chef John-Carlos Kuramoto come up with, drawing inspiration from their purchases at the Santa Monica Farmers’ Market. Ask your waiter about the taco special next time you dine with us!


Michael’s Santa Monica’s Cheeseburger

July 1, 2013
Awaiting delivery.

Awaiting delivery.

We’ve really outdone ourselves this time at Michael’s Santa Monica. Our cheeseburger is absolutely indulgent, jubilantly juicy, and downright divine! Savory, earthy onions sauteed to a caramel-brown in duck fat, sun-ripened heirloom tomato, and delicate butter lettuce perfectly complement our beautiful, meaty beef patties. A slathering of Russian dressing and a slice of American cheese add a playfully nostalgic sensibility we think you will love. Dig in!

Everything Egg White Scramble

June 28, 2013
Hearty without ever being too much.

Hearty without ever being too much.

This scramble from the breakfast menu at Michael’s New York comes fully loaded: onions, tomatoes, mushrooms, red peppers, asparagus, bacon, salmon, and chicken sausage. Yes, you read that correctly! If you are craving flavor, and lots of it, but still want lightness in your step, this makes the perfect breakfast. We serve the scrample with a slice of our cast-iron skillet hash browns, fresh fruit, and your choice of toast. Enjoy this with a cup of freshly brewed coffee (with a splash of Hudson Valley milk, if you like) and a glass of freshly squeezed grapefruit juice. How can the rest of your day not be great?!

Vanilla Beignets

June 26, 2013
Warm and ready to be devoured!

Warm and ready to be devoured!

Subtly sweet, our vanilla beignets at Michael’s Santa Monica are freshly fried to order and served warm, golden, crispy, and tender, accompanied by a pile of the season’s best, juiciest, sweetest strawberries from the legendary Harry’s Berries—which we pick up fresh just down the block at the Santa Monica Farmers’ Market. A Meyer lemon nappage tartly counterpoints the stellar fruit, and house-made mascarpone ice cream simply blows your mind with its subtly tart creaminess. Put all these elements together and the simple, natural flavors and textures sing in perfect harmony.

Chicken and Fries Forever

June 24, 2013

Classic bistro-style perfection.

Our guests have been enjoying our various takes on chicken and fries (poulet avec pommes frites, in Parisian bistro parlance) since we first opened our doors at Michael’s Santa Monica back in 1979. This combo makes a hearty, comforting lunch or dinner that will definitely satisfy. We grill a Jidori chicken breast until the skin is slightly charred and smokey, the meat juicy, flavorful, and tender.  We serve it with a towering tangle of our famed shoestring fries, as well as a delicate arugula salad. Join us soon to enjoy a classic!

The Scene at Michael’s Santa Monica

June 21, 2013

One evening, our ace photographer James Carroll swung by the recently remodeled and reimagined Michael’s Santa Monica to capture all the magic! Check out this selection of images from our famed garden patio and our kitchen.

Do you like our new lighting scheme?

Our new lighting scheme adds a fresh air of romance to the garden dining patio.

Food ready to be taken to our guests.

Food hot and ready to be whisked to our guests.

View to the garden.

Another view of the garden patio. Note the far wall sculptural frieze custom-created by the great Robert Graham.

The salad station.

Fresh-from-the-farmers’-market fare being plated at the salad station.

Diver Scallops at Michael’s Santa Monica

June 19, 2013
Check out that sear.

Check out that seared golden-brown crust.

Our guests at Michael’s on both coasts love scallops. Of course, we start with the finest, freshest, plumpest, sweetest diver scallops there are. Then, our expert preparation kicks in. At Michael’s Santa Monica right now, executive chef John-Carlos Kuramoto and his team are pan-searing them to create a crispy golden crust while leaving the interiors moist and tender. We nestle the scallops atop a bed of the most divine black truffle potato puree covered with sautéed baby spinach. Parmesan crisps and a delightfully unexpected Tabasco-infused beurre blanc round out this outstanding dish. Warning: You may want seconds!